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August 2019

Dear Falcon Bluffs Families,

Welcome Back!  We hope you and your family enjoyed a great summer break.  

We are excited to begin our school year together at Back to School Night on August 14th from 6:00 - 8:30 pm.  Please bring a copy of your students schedule as families will rotate through all 7 classes.  We hope to see you there.

Be sure to check out the calendar below for important dates including first day of school for 6th grade on 8/14/19 (8:00a-12:25p) and all grades 6th - 8th on Thursday 8/15/19 (8:00a-2:55p).

Please join us at Freddy's tonight, August 14th, for our kick off PTO Spirit night from 4-8 pm.  

We currently have a variety of 2019-20 information posted on our site including our bell schedule, supply lists, fee lists by grade, and our calendar of important events.  Do not hesitate to call the office with any follow up questions.  303-982-9900.  

Looking forward to a great year together!


Tom Burns





The Six Falcon Bluffs Collective Commitments are: Grit, Growth Mindset, Relationships, Intellectual Curiosity, Professionalism, and Collaboration.   We are learning how to work together, understand different perspectives and to embrace the learning process. Please take a few minutes to ask your student about our Collective Commitments.


Thank you for enrolling your student for next school year 2019-2010 via the EnrollJeffco link.  2nd Round is open until August 30th.  
Please visit the links below for more information. 
District ENROLL JEFFCO Website Link

  • August 21 - PTO Skate City Night 4-6 pm
  • August 22 - Student Picture and ID Day
  • August 27 - After School Labs Begin (every Tues./Thurs.)
  • August 30 - PTO Fro-Yo Day 
  • September 2 - Labor Day - NO School




Dear Falcon Bluffs Families,

NEW this 2019-2020 school year.....FBMS and the District Transportation Department are changing the bus pick up and drop off area to the NORTH parking lot.  A change from last year.  

Students can still be picked up along both sides of S. Garrison Street, on the south side of W. Remington Place in the Student Pick-Up Zone, and inside the SOUTH parking lot.


We recognize how busy our parking lot gets before and after school.  In collaboration with Jeffco PD and our transportation department, we have developed some procedures to help ensure student safety and expedite drop off and pick up times.  

We want to remind all vehicles to be vigilant of students and follow school zone speed limits.  Please make note of the graphic which highlights vehicle routes, drop off and pick up locations, No stopping or parking areas, and bus lanes.

 Thank you for your help!

Deputy Garrett Dick, School Resource Officer


Dear Parents and Guardians,

 This is a reminder about school safety procedures at Falcon Bluffs Middle School

Our school and all Jeffco Public Schools are deeply committed to keeping students and staff safe:

 We take proactive measures to build community and create a safe environment, setting expectations of respect and inclusion, providing mental health supports, reaching out to families when students display a need for intervention, defining clearly how we expect students to behave while in school, and addressing inappropriate behavior promptly.

 Preparation for emergencies includes detailed school and district plans for a variety of crisis situations, staff training, and regular emergency drills that include students.

 Safety measures consist of controlled entrances, visitor check-ins, video cameras, security staff support, School Resource Officers (SROs) assigned by our local law enforcement agencies, and more.

 The school district, with input from local law enforcement and other experts, continuously examines aspects of school security and how we might enhance our already robust policies and practices.


Family and community support is critical to student safety. All information may be accessed on this webpage Please keep the following in mind as you partner with us:

 Review our Emergency Situations at School document which describes the types of emergencies that can occur in schools and how families should respond. (Also available in Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese.)

 Understand our emergency procedures and communication limitations. We only share facts, respect student privacy, and will only share information that is clear and verified. We value our relationships with families and want to keep you informed, but need to do so responsibly. You may see text messages or social media posts from others first, but these sources are unlikely to have all the facts. Wait to hear from an official channel (school or district). We share information as soon as we are able.

 Be vigilant. If you see/hear something that causes concern or sounds suspicious, report it to the school office, local law enforcement, or Safe2Tell as appropriate.

 Discuss safety topics with your child in an age-appropriate way. Remind them of school behavior expectations, and let them know how important it is to tell a trusted adult or use Safe2Tell if they have concerns for their safety or the safety of their classmates.

 Make sure your contact information and emergency contacts are current in our JeffcoConnect system.


Lastly, keep in mind that everyone must be responsible for their words and actions while on school property. Staff and students have rules to follow to keep everyone safe, and we expect the same of our visitors. Individuals must NOT engage in, or encourage others to engage in, the following conduct:

 Entering a school without stopping at the entry point to sign-in and receive a visitor’s badge

 Displaying any behavior that would endanger the health, safety, or well-being of any student, staff member, or visitor

 Using profanity

 Treating any student, staff member, or visitor with disrespect based on ethnicity or race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, age, disability, or ability

 Making verbal or physical threats of abuse

 Initiating a fight or scuffle

 Bringing weapons (or items that look like weapons) on school property (law enforcement and school security personnel are exempted)


 A couple of reminders from our office staff:  You will need your photo ID to pick up your student.

It is extremely important that you check your Jeffco Connect parent account and make sure that we have the most up to date contact information, especially emergency phone numbers.  We have had a few instances where kids have been in the clinic, didn’t know mom or dad’s phone number off the top of their head, and when we looked it up on the computer it was blank or a former phone number.  Please take a minute to see that your information is correct.  Click here to go to Jeffco Connect.

  • Please note that we cannot release your student to anyone that is not on the contact list in JeffcoConnect.  You will be contacted by phone to verify your permission to let your student leave with someone that is not on the students' emergency contact list.

·   Please remember to call your child’s absence/tardy the day they are absent/tardy. Attendance line 303-982-9902. 

  •    If your child needs an early dismissal, please call the attendance line the day before, or the morning of, with the time you will want your child waiting for pick up in the office.  Please have your child stop by the attendance window before 1st period begins to pick up their early dismissal pass.  If it is a last minute request, please note it may take a few minutes for us to get your child out of class for their dismissal. 

· For absences other than illness, family emergency, medical procedures or religious observances a Pre-Arranged Absence form is required and is to be signed by the student’s teachers, parent and student and turned into the attendance office three days prior to the absence. These forms are available in the office and on our website.


Please take a look at the following link with regard to emergency situations at school - Information for Families, published by Jeffco Schools: 

Jeffco Student Safety and School Emergencies for Families


For information regarding content and knowledge grades, dress code, and other Falcon Bluffs school policies, please check out the link below.  You can also find it under "Family Resources" on the tabs above in the drop down list.

FBMS Policies and Information


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Information:  If you are having trouble logging into our network, be sure you have logged into JEFFCO CONNECT and signed the BYOD permission (EACH SCHOOL YEAR parents AND students must sign this agreement).  Please see the attached link with more information.
BYOD Log On Information Step-By-Step


Students may only have water in classrooms/hallways throughout the day. All other food/drinks must have a spill-proof lid/cap and should only be consumed during lunch. Students are not allowed to bring coffee, soda, energy drinks, chips, candy... to classes. If your student brings a drink to school they will be asked to leave it at the attendance office desk and they can get it at lunch or after school. Thank you, in advance, for your support.


Jefferson County Public School recently sent home an update regarding our newly adopted  2- Hour Delay Late Start policy that may be used for inclement weather situations. A quick overview is copied below but please visit THIS LINK for all details.

In cases of inclement weather, it is unusual for our schools to close and we have not used a district late start policy in the past. This winter has been particularly snowy and cold, which has prompted us to reconsider a late start option. After careful thought and consideration regarding the impact to schools, families, and district operations, we have decided to implement a 2-Hour Delay Schedule when the weather situation indicates it is necessary.

When considering how we utilize this new delay schedule, we will continue to rely on many data sources to inform our decision. These include CDOT and Jeffco County Road & Bridge Department, Skyview Weather Service, and other real-time forecast services, first-hand road inspections by staff and community volunteers living in our neighborhoods, forecasts for later in the day, and input from Jeffco Transportation Services. We will make our decision by 4:45 a.m. in order to accommodate school bus dispatch, food services deliveries, site crews, and substitute teacher arrangements. We will publicly announce a 2-hour delay and notify families by 5:30 a.m.

Additionally, please visit our homepage and drill down under "Our School" to view our FBMS 2-Hour Delay Late Start schedule in case it comes into play this year.  Essentially, our school day would start at 10:00am and finish at our regular time of 2:55pm.


We hope students will enjoy the huge variety of clubs offered this year. Every teacher is sponsoring a club and we encourage students to find something they are interested in and join the fun. More information will be forthcoming in August.


Next meeting -  Sept 3  3:00 - 3:45 pm     Room A201



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We are excited to announce that we will be introducing a student travel opportunity for all students to participate in during the 2019/2020 school year.   This will provide your student the opportunity to connect to their learning and spark intellectual curiosity through travel.  In addition, this will foster their grit, growth mindset, collaboration, and relationship building as young professionals, setting them up for success.

Ms. Karrie Hill will be leading this student trip and has been for many years and is very excited to lead this adventure in 2020.  

Very few spots are remaining for the trip to Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg for May, 2020.   If you are interested in signing up, please go to:   Washington DC and Williamsburg Trip Information

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to
Space will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  
Don't miss out on the unique opportunity!



We want to share some information, tips, and reminders about students' appropriate use of technology, both at school and beyond the walls of our building, to support learning and student safety.  We also want to inform you that we received reports of some students being concerned about the "Momo Challenge," a social media hoax (scare tactic). We want to make you aware of this news so you can help to keep a careful eye on your child's internet use.  Here is an article about the “Momo Challenge” if you want to know more, and an on-line resource on how to deal with the issue if needed.

First, to provide a framework for this communication, here is a guiding policy regarding student use of the Internet, as outlined in Jeffco Public Schools Student and Family Handbook (Code of Conduct):

The Internet and related electronic instructional resources are
used in schools to support student learning. The use of these
resources are for educational purposes only when on district
property, at district or school-sanctioned activities or events,
when students are being transported in vehicles dispatched by
Jeffco Public Schools, and off school property when such conduct
has a nexus to school or any district curricular or non-curricular
activity or event.

Teachers and school administration determine use of the Jeffco
Instructional Network based on educational goals of the school
and classroom, and may determine to limit access. Students are
encouraged to use the network to do homework, class-related
research, and class work when appropriate. Students should not
use this network for music, gaming, or non-educational video
streaming. In compliance with the Child Information Protection
Act (CIPA) requirements, this network will be monitored. Jeffco
Public Schools accepts no responsibility associated with loss,
damage, or theft of a device connected to the network."

Next, in terms of education, please know that we provide learning on a regular basis here at school around digital citizenship (e.g., avoiding plagiarism, appropriate use of the internet, digital footprints, etc.) as well as proper care of devices (e.g., carrying them with two hands, not having liquids near a device, having a cover on the device at all times, etc.).

Finally, here are a couple of resources you may wish to explore to help in your decision-making at home around appropriate use of technology for your family:

1)   [These are standards for the use of technology in teaching and learning.]

2)   [This is a resource you might
choose to use as you determine what technology might "look like" in your family.] 

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.



FOOD & NUTRITION SERVICES:  Annual Reminders and What’s New in 2019-2020


Annual Reminders (no change):

  • An application for Free & Reduced meals must be resubmitted every school year on or after July 1. Applications submitted prior to July 1 are considered 2018-19 applications.
  • Families will still utilize SchoolCafé to submit online applications, which is the highly preferred method of application. The FNS Central Office, located in Quail Building 1, is available year-round to assist families with the online application process. As a last resort, paper applications are available as well.
  • Student account balances (both positive and negative) will roll over to next school year. Families who wish to make online payments will still utilize SchoolCafé.
    • Refunds may be requested at each school cafeteria, or at our Central Office.
  • SchoolCafé will be down for annual maintenance and enhancements for next year from May 25 – June 30, 2019.      
    • Families can obtain account information from the FNS Central Office during this time.
    • Call 303-982-6748 or email        
  • FNS will offer Summer Food Service Programs at eight locations this year, plus the mobile bus. More information is available here: Jeffco FNS Summer Food Service Program Locations


    NEW in School Year 2019-2020:

  • SchoolCafé will include new functionality for families, including viewing menus and setting purchase preferences/restrictions for their students.
    • Jeffco FNS will no longer be using Nutrislice for online menu viewing; parents who have the Nutrislice app downloaded will NOT see updated menus for 2019-2020.
    • We will provide instructions for creating an account and accessing all features of SchoolCafé this summer.
  • On April 25, 2019, the Expansion of the Lunch Protection Act (HB19-1171) was passed! This means that the $0.40 copay for reduced-priced lunch meals will be covered for students in ALL grades. (Currently, the copay is only covered for PK-8th grade students.)
    • Reduced-eligible students will receive both breakfast and lunch at no cost at all grade levels.


We will share informational resources and materials as they become available. Thank you for a great year and we look forward to wonderful things in 2019-2020.


As you're doing your baking and preparing those special family meals, please remember to cut out the Boxtops for Education, look for the familiar pink logo.  These are on many products, and this is an easy way to help the school.  Boxtops can be taken to the office at any time. These give us 10 cents each, which actually adds up pretty fast when we get them by the bagful!  Money raised from this is used for needed supplies.  Please check the expiration dates on the boxtops and trim around the dotted lines.  

If you get your milk delivered in glass bottles from Longmont Dairy, please bring in your bottle caps to the Main Office.  We are given a money donation from the dairy for our caps twice a year (December and May).  So get your daily dose of Vitamin D and help out our school as well!  

Thank you for supporting FBMS!

Please save your boxtops and bottle caps during the summer!



PTO has scheduled a variety of events this month, so please be sure to scroll to the calendar below, check PTO's website (under "Family Resources" on the gray navigation bar above) or on the calendar on the home page of this website.  Please join us for our monthly PTO meetings from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. in room A201. Meeting schedules are below.
Thursday, August 22nd  ~ 7:30 - 8:30 am (Our 1st Meeting)



We would like to recognize the following companies for partnering with Falcon Bluffs Middle School. Preferred Business Partners are local community businesses that step up to assist our students by raising funds for improvements in technology.  

Image result for business partnership

FATHOM REALTY -Paige Michaelis
FARMERS INSURANCE- Tiffany Riedesel-Romero

REMAX - Sunny Puckett


ACCOUNTABILITY DATES AND INFORMATION: We invite you to join us at any of our upcoming meeting dates as we firmly believe in collaboration with all stakeholders.  We meet in the Falcon Bluffs library from 4:00-5:15 (note new meeting time). We invite you to join us and attend in the 2019-2020 school year. Dates TBD - Stay tuned




More sport clinics and camps are being sponsored this summer by Chatfield Sr. High. Please check out the following links:  The soccer camps are for students 1st - 6th grades and the boys lacrosse is for 1st - 8th grades.  Soccer camps are held at CSHS and the boys lacrosse camp will be held at Falcon Bluffs MS.

Fall update for sports at Chatfield:

Charger Youth Basketball Season

CSHS Boys Lacrosse Camp - CSHS Lacrosse Camp held at Falcon Bluffs MS

CSHS Girls Soccer Camp - CSHS Girls Soccer Camp held at CSHS soccer field

CSHS Boys Soccer Camp - CSHS Boys Soccer Camp held at CSHS soccer field


MORTENSEN ELEMENTARY and South Jeffco Children's Theater 2019

We are in our 11th year with the South Jeffco Children’s Theater and are happy to give our enthusiastic students this opportunity of working and learning together to produce a high quality show! We’re looking forward to making dreams come true in Mortensen’s performing arts!  

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Mortensen Elem and South Jeffco Children's Theater 2019




We are seeking engaged Jeffco parents, staff, and business, and community members to support the district and Board of Education by serving on advisory committees. Click here for more information on the responsibilities and functions of committee members.

We are seeking members for the following committees:

  • District Accountability Committee

  • Technology Data Privacy Advisory Committee

  • Financial Oversight Committee (FOC)

  • Capital Asset Advisory Committee

Online applications (Spanish coming soon) will be reviewed by the Board of Education in May so that members can be appointed in June to begin committee work for the 2019-20 school year. Applicants will be contacted via email after the close of the application period in April. If the application meets committee membership requirements, details on next steps will be shared.

The following are welcome to apply:

  • Teacher(s) employed by Jeffco Public Schools;

  • School administrator(s) employed by Jeffco Public Schools;

  • Individual(s) involved in business in the Jeffco Public Schools district boundary;

  • Parents of current Jeffco Public Schools students; and

  • Community members without students attending Jeffco Public Schools.

Thank you for your consideration of these vital roles to serve Jeffco Public Schools


The attached link is a video from Dr. Glass on the dangers of vaping.  We hope all parents will watch this important video.

Dr. Jason Glass - Dangers of Vaping Video


Head Lice FAQ

Please see the attached Head Lice information from the District.  

Head Lice FAQ ENGLISH.pdf

 The "Nico-teen" Brain:  The adolescent brain is especially vulnerble to the addictive effects of nicotine.....(continued in the link below)
RN Newspaper March 2018. final - Julie Wilken.pdf



Just a reminder that we will push out an email the first Friday of each month containing our Falcon Files but it is updated far more often and available 24/7. Consider creating a bookmark to easily access the latest FBMS news at:




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